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The Pastor


Hello, I am JJ Lewis… A good number of folks call me Jeff…

Juliette is not only where my church is, but it is also where my home is. These have been some of the most exciting days that I have experienced in ministry of late. The Lord is moving forward, and my utmost desire is to move forward with Him. As I personally have been witnessing the Lord working in my life and the lives of those in my family, and those around us, in the last few years we have seen literally hundreds upon hundreds of individual lives changed and now are excited for what the Lord is doing, and is going to do, here at Juliette Baptist Church.

The Lord has sent my family and I here to JBC to replant the church and to remain Moving Forward on Mission with God. The Lord has certainly blessed us with wonderful people, adequate facilities, and the common goals to live out our calling, and to live out the shared vision of the church to live on mission with God. Of course, we desire for everyone to grow spiritually and to tell as many people as possible about Jesus Christ and the new life that can be experienced through knowing Him. I have a fundamental core belief that the Christian life is one of integrity that begins with the individual, then the home, and then the church. Trust me, all of our churches will be reflections of who we really are and what our homes are.

We want to serve you as part of our community. Our desire is to let you know that you are always welcome at Juliette Baptist Church and that you have an open invitation to worship with us at any time. We will make ourselves available to serve you.

In Christ,

JJ Lewis (Jeff)



JJ Lewis Tracy Lewis

Brother JJ Lewis (Jeff) is the pastor of Juliette Baptist Church, located in Juliette, Georgia. Pastor JJ has preached all over the United States and has worked with many churches, ministries, organizations, and even governmental entities all over the globe. JJ preaches with passion and he preaches through an exegetical expository style, teaching the text as he preaches so that all people can understand and apply God’s Word.

Pastor JJ is currently working toward completing his doctorate degree (PhD) at Piedmont International University and he has an earned master’s degree with an emphasis in pastoral ministry from Temple Baptist Seminary, as well as completing his undergrad degree at Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tn., with a dual emphasis in intercultural studies and leadership.

Pastor JJ and his wife Tracy minister together as a team and they live in Juliette, Georgia with three of their children, a weenie dog, and a cat.

You can find out more about Pastor JJ at

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