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Juliette what to expectIf you looking and seeking something that is genuine… You found the right spot!

Thank you for check out our website, we hope you will join us!


Our Sunday Morning Services generally start off around 10am with Life Groups and Sunday School. This is a time where you can get that time of relationships interconnected with deeper Biblical principles through small group study.

At 11AM our Sunday Morning Worship Services begin…  We do attempt to Worship in music with a mix of traditional hymns and Southern Gospel and even some great blended and contemporary music thrown into the mix. The main thing is that we get before the throne of Glory and Worship the Living God!

Worship is led by our Choir leader, followed by preaching from our Senior Pastor.

The preaching from our Senior Pastor is completely Biblical as our pastor teaches verse by verse and passage by passage. Our Pastor teaches the Bible in relative ways so that you can understand and apply the Word of God in your life. Pastor JJ will take you deep into the Bible truth in ways that you can actually use it.

The services last about an hour and a half.


Sunday nights at 6PM we are a little more laid back but still carry the same genuine worship and Bible teaching.

On the 4th Sunday of every month we have our 4th Sunday night fellowships where like to sing a little, then preach a little, and then eat a little!  On occasion, about every other month, we have a special guest or special group come in and lead the worship for the night.

At this point, our Senior Pastor is working and building a plan to one day have big Gospel Worship Celebrations each Sunday night.

The services last about an hour or so.

So… Come and help us as the Lord works through us to build something great together.


Wednesday nights at 7PM is our time of prayer meeting and Bible study. We call it our Mid-Week Fill Up.

The services last about an hour or so.

Hey… Come stay a while…

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